Friday, April 21, 2017

Oklahoma Capitol Is Full of Crap

​  The drips and chunks started in the overnight hours. By daylight it was flooding out the basement.

  Oklahoma's state capitol building got a taste of the sewage that they usually sent out.

  The entire state is under various flash flood advisories, today. But Oklahoma City's infrastructure sent a message back to the capitol building; to wit;
"We can't take any more of your crap!
​In fact, we're sending back some of the stuff you recently deposited down our pipes."
  This usually happens when massive rain water gets into sewage treatment lines, instead of stormwater drainage channels.

  Much of the state is under various flood and storm advisories. 
OKC had several power outages, downed trees & power lines, and flooded roadways.

  In Tulsa, there are  many creeks flowing out of their banks, leading to many road closures.

  Forecasters are expecting a positive change in the weather in the next 24 hours, and a sunny Sunday for most of the state.

from Sooner - Editorial

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