Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bridenstine Town Hall Draws 2000

  About twenty seconds into the first question of tonight's town hall, in South Tulsa; you knew exactly where the crowd divisions were. About 20% of the crowd seemed to be Democrat/Leftist. And about 100 of them were not going to respect the program format.

  Healthcare was the 1st question and the loudest antagonists were screaming for 'single-payer' socialism. But at the same time they were loudly supporting ObamaCare fascism (corporatism, as Mussolini called it). Never mind that liberals like Minnesota governor, Mark Dayton condemned it as miserably unworkable.

  Bridenstine weathered the rudeness with his characteristic calm and decorum. He did verbally ponder whether perhaps to ask the Tulsa Praise Orchestra to come out and perform again, while the tensions abated, but he did continue.

  Each topic brought slightly less hostility as the evening 2 hour event proceeded. By the last question, there was not a whimper of protest, while Bridenstine discussed the importance of a core set of NASA functions and a return to a manned rocket program.
  But then Bridenstine closed with his personal sentiments about this holy week. He talked first about the Easter assault on Okinawa and the bloody war with Japan. He contrasted the relations then, with the wonderful redemption & partnership with Japan, now.
  He then segued to our own need for redemption with God and how it is available in Jesus Christ. This brought the most impassioned and venomous rage from many of the 100 or so rabid protesters. They kept yelling "SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE!" and were incensed that an elected official would talk about his faith in the community.
  Jim then thanked the people and asserted that this open expression of political philosophy is what makes the USA a special place.
  The Tulsa Praise Orchestra finished the program with  the National Anthem, but all the protesters left the hall during that expression of patriotism.

from Sooner Politics.org - Editorial http://www.soonerpolitics.org/editorial/bridenstine-town-hall-draws-2000

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