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Trebor & Karl: Distancing Themselves From Fount Holland

  With the impending felony prosecution of Fount Holland and several other operatives of the Joy Hoffmeister campaign effort, Several consulting operatives are taking huge steps to appear completely separate from the world and practices of 'Fount & the Boys'. But if you type " ", it currently forwards you to This can appear to many as just a name changed for image purposes.
  I had a conversation with Fount about 2 years ago, as we awaited a private reception for Jeb Bush. Fount told me of the work he did in the 90s, to begin a Republican takeover of power in the Sooner State. 
  Carl Ahlgren was a key partner with Holland (hence the company name of AH Strategies). But Ahlgren left the company a few years ago, to join the Markwayne Mullin congressional staff. Reports say Ahlgren has now left Mullin to resume campaign consulting work.
  Trebor Worthen gained an increasing role in the AH Strategies team in the past few years. The company was by far the largest and probably the most expensive consulting service. They also operated Majority Designs, a printing and mailing service.
In 2014, AH Strategies made a push to throw Republican Janet Barresi out of the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  That's when the fatal mistakes were made, and AH Strategies eventually ceased operations.

  OKC area District Attorney, David Prater began his 2014 prosecution of Chad Alexander for possession of illegal drugs. A Laptop & phone were seized. Prater subsequently found that the state campaign ethics folks were already investigating Alexander and others for campaign violations in the effort to defeat the Republican, Barresi. This was in the midst of the primary campaign to overthrow Barresi and get Hoffmeister elected.
  When a search warrant was executed, there was a gold mine of clear text narrative which  resulted in others being indicted. Chief among the names was Fount Holland. But four others were named. Alexander is the radio talkshow host of a program Trebor Worthen started and produced. Alexander's wife (Stephanie Milligan) is also a listed defendant, along with Hoffmeister. Alexander himself is only named as a witness. He and Worthen continued some business en devours, including the launch of a talk radio show in OKC.
  Prater's prosecution narrative will hinge on the narrative that Holland took massive money from a couple of groups who are historically associated with Democrat causes (namely growing public education spending and a teachers union) and used their money and their approved candidate, to defeat a Republican incumbent. But the crimes charged hinged on the coordination of dark money (PAC & other funds) along side actual campaign efforts and messaging. There is a required "wall of silence" in the law. But the texting and email narrative suggests gross violations (see the court papers).
  So how do politicians distance themselves from this list of suspected felons? Can they still trust their reputations to a couple of Holland's unindicted former partners (Worthen and Ahlgren). Would you trust this group?
  A new consulting firm, Marathon Consulting, has 5 named team members. Besides Trebor Worthen and Karl Ahlgen, there is:
  • Jenna (Holt) Worthen, Trebor's wife, does communications.
  • Darrell Todd, A graphic artist-cartoonist who designs print and web media.
  • Marian Free is a social planner.
  They seem to be working on fundraising events for candidates planning to seek reelection. Tulsa sheriff, Vic Regalado, is one client whom they are evidently currently planning a Cinco-de-Mayo fundraising event for.

  Karl & Trebor have reputations for being hard-working, well-connected, and very expensive. They have amassed a big list of victories. Many of those victories were in scenarios where they massively out-raised and out-spent their opponents. What concerns many conservatives is a possible willingness that AH Strategies seemed to have, of accepting money from sources which may have undermined conservative & Republican values.
​  Perhaps this is a new day and a new opportunity for Marathon Consulting principals to demonstrate that they are not substantively the same company as AH Strategies.  It would be a welcome overture and we stand by, willing to facilitate a dialogue.
'Fount' Holland
Karl Ahlgren
Trebor Werthen

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