Thursday, April 27, 2017

Quarter-Ton Wheelchairs Not Allowed In Capitol Gallery

John High has announced his intent to sue the state in order to use heavy machines in all parts of the capitol.
OKLAHOMA CITY - John High visits the capitol often.

He advocates for the rights of those with disabilities. But. now, he's fighting for his own.

“I am being discriminated against, since I'm in a wheelchair, an electric wheelchair, I'm being discriminated to be able to go there,” High said.

KFOR reports:
He was going to the House Gallery to watch lawmakers, but staff quickly turned him away at the door.

  The floor sergeants told High, because of his motorized chair, he can't watch session from the gallery seats.

  The capitol has a special lift installed, but it was not designed for the newer massive electric machines which High prefers.

  The current lift has a 495 lb. stress rating. Some visitors have violated that limit and used the lift, anyway, causing damage to state property and causing compliant visitors to also be turned away until a repair is made.

  John High could easily be accommodated, by using a lighter weight wheelchair. But he wants to use his heavy machine. And he insists that the state has to accommodate his preference and convenience.

​  In many parts of the state we have bridges and roads with weight restrictions. I don't think any of us are suing the state, claiming that we ought to be able to drive heavier autos....

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