Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Nik Berg Wins TARA Straw Poll in HD75 Race

  Nik Berg emerged the winner of the straw poll of the membership of the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly, Tuesday night. He surpassed the 60% margin, but fell just one vote short of winning an outright 'Endorsement'. The bylaws require a 2/3 vote of support. 
  Tressa Nunley picked up the remaining 39% of the votes. 
  All four candidates spoke to the group at the March meeting.  Three of them returned a vetting form to the group in time to be distributed to the membership at the April 18th meeting. Membership was allowed to vote for any of the 4, regardless of their submission of the vetting questionaire.
TARA is a group of conservatives within the Republican Party, but not an official branch of the party. Thus the group is free to express support for a favored candidate during a party primary contest.
 This vote of confidence by such a large portion is significant none the less.  It serves to express to the electorate at large that a candidate has been put through a significant process of questioning and public appearances.

​  Three of the 4 announced candidates responded fully to the invitation to be vetted by the group. We are posting the completed forms they sent in. 
  The special election is to replace the resigned Dan Kirby, who served 10 years in office. There is no runoff election in the May 9th contest, so whoever collects the most votes in the 4-way race will go on to face the Democrat nominee.
Nik Berg, of Broken Arrow is the winner of the HD75 Straw Poll at the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly endorsement conclave.
The full report of the candidate vetting process is available at www.TulsaRepublicanAssembly.com

from Sooner Politics.org - Editorial http://www.soonerpolitics.org/editorial/nik-berg-wins-tara-straw-poll-in-hd75-race

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