Monday, June 30, 2014

Oklahoma Citizens Beat Back Obama's Plot

  I want to thank David & Barbara Green for expending personal assets on my behalf, to press the constitutional protection of laity to actually live out their faith in the marketplace. Oklahoma has been blessed to have such solid businesses grow from within our midst.
  It grieves me that the leaders of religious structures only spoke up when their church entity was coerced into sinful acts. The various "men of the cloth" demonstrated, to various degrees; a self-absorption with building their own religious empires, but showing very little concern for the devout "sheep of their fold" when the wolves of oppression were coercing them to deny the very practical daily expressions of their faith. 
  I am grateful that the courts have consistently upheld the rights of congregants to actually live true to their spiritual convictions.  A narrow 5-4 ruling of the high court is seriously troubling and the language of this decision needs to be expanded to the person who is coerced to pay a government expense which also violates strict tenants of faith.
  If the oppressors of our civil liberties (at this time it appears to be the Obama regime), are successful in supplanting honorable jurists with lackeys of their own making, then America will cease to be the land of the free.

David Van Risseghem

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