Thursday, June 12, 2014

SoonerPolitics Interim Poll Report

  The Sooner Politics Poll of major statewide races was designed to provide more than just the front-runners in the June 24th Republican primary. It's unique value extends to determining the inevitable shifts that a runoff campaign will focus upon.
   We are able to identify some breaking trends more than a week ahead of the final tabulations. This is not a scientific poll, so we do not want to project any primary winners. We are simply trying to gauge the mindset of the likely voters as they prepare for some runoff decisions.

Oklahoma Governor

Dax Ewbank's supporters overwhelmingly move to Chad Moody
Mary Fallin's supporters lean toward Dax Exbank

Chad Moody's supporters overwhelmingly move to Dax Ewbank

U.S. Senate - Unexpired

Randy Brogdon's supporters move fairly split between Kevin Crow, TW Shannon, and James Lankford.
James Lankford's supporters clearly move to Randy Brogdon
TW Shannon's supporters move to James Lankford more than Randy Brogdon.
Kevin Crow's supporters move to Randy Brogdon

U.S. Senate

Jim Inhofe overwhelms the race but his supporters pick Eric Paul Wyatt 2nd.

Eric Paul Wyatt's supporters move to Jim Inhofe, primarily.

State Superintendent 

Joy Hofmeister's supporters overwhelmingly move to Brian Kelly

Janet Barresi's supporters move evenly to Brian Kelly & Joy Hofmeister

Brian Kelly's supporters move overwhelmingly to Joy Hofmeister

David Van Risseghem

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