Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fallin Makes The Case For Ewbank

Is Fallin Campaigning For Her Opponent?

  This election for Oklahoma Governor was Governor Mary Fallin's to lose. In the past 5 months she has demonstrated an unprecedented pettiness and dissonance which we have never seen in her before. Her strident lack of forthrightness on key legislative matters has put her squarely at odds with her party's platform, the conservative legislature, and the working families of this state.

  • At last check, Mary Fallin's office refused to state a position on the National Popular Vote bill. That bill is strongly opposed by the Republican Party and it's passage would permanently give away Oklahoma's voice in the nation's presidential election; by letting an interstate compact formula vote for us.
  • Fallen vetoed several bills this session including a 2nd amendment bill to protect a citizen's right to have their gun permits given a timely processing. Her statement indicates she vetoed it solely because the legislature didn't put her bills at the front of the legislative calendar.
  • Fallen vetoed a bill which would grant parents more involvement in their child's education at public schools.
  • Fallin has increasingly used executive orders to curtail our freedoms, simply because she's afraid to let us do things she admits to be ignorant about.
   It is good to have a choice, this month, in the Republican primary election.
Sooner Politics is especially pleased that there is an opportunity to express our disappointment with the character of the Fallin administration's erratic behavior. We believe many Oklahomans plan to mark the box for Dax Ewbank.
   Dax Ewbank is a fine man with a clear set of conservative convictions and a determination to keep our state on a solid path to greater liberty.
   If you need more information on this fine man, please visit his website and let him know what matters most to you and your family.

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  1. well said ! i just mailed a letter to the Governor pointing out the will of the People is clear-- no more national mandates and bureaucratic obligations. The GOP Party platform resolves to end Common Core. Randy Barnett HD 10 candidate for State Rep