Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No Thanks, Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan Insults the Freedom Caucus

  With a principled and experienced man like Daniel Webster, why would the Freedom Caucus put up with the insulting and condescending behavior of Rep. Paul Ryan?

  Last night, Paul Ryan even added some rude inferences to the Freedom caucus, accusing them of behaving like hispanic children who physically beat the Speaker like a pinãta in their childish fits.

  We don't even have any indications that Ryan can run the House of Representatives any better than Boehner; or that he will reform the House in the fundamental ways that Webster outlined.

For a more complete essay on the Webster reforms, see the article posted earlier this fall.

Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida
  Oklahoma's Congressman Jim Bridenstine is a member of the Congressional Freedom Caucus. This 40-member group became powerful enough to overthrow the powerful speaker, John Boehner, this passed week. Boehner was a member of the leadership when Newt Gingrich first orchestrated the 1994 overthrow of the 40 years of Democrat rule.
  This Freedom Caucus seems poised to rally around Florida's Congressman Daniel Webster (yep, that's really his name). Webster was the speaker of Florida's House and garnered praise from allies and foes alike.  Oklahoma's former state senator, Don Rubottom has spent the last 18 years at the Tallahassee capitol building and is currently the clerk of the legislature.
Sen. Don Rubottom
  Don was invited by Webster to move to Florida in 1996, to join his team;
"My friend Congressman Dan Webster is the very conservative Congressman who had the guts to run for Speaker against Boehner. Dan Webster asked me to come to Florida to work for him in 1996 when he became the first Republican Speaker here in 122 years.".
  Rubottom maintains contacts with many Oklahoma conservative activists. Recently Don explained;
" Everyone respects Dan Webster and he's shown he will not "play ball". He transformed the Florida House and could do the same in Washington. Character. Integrity." Don went on to say; " You can't find any reformer for Speaker other than Webster. Everyone else is about the power and perks. I worked for Webster, he is different."
David Van Risseghem

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