Friday, October 2, 2015

Everett Piper: The Response To Roseburg College Violence

The address from Dr. Everett Piper, to President Obama, regarding his 12 minute rant after the Oregon college shootings.

Transcribed from Dr Piper's Friday radio address on KFAQ, on Oct. 2, 2015

  Once again the president says nothing about Christians being executed.... Absolutely nothing! A 12-minute rant and not one word about Christians.
 Christians are being beheaded in the middle east and he lectures us about the crusades. Christians are being killed in the churches, like Charleston, and he lectures us about the NRA. Christians are being killed in colleges, like Umpqua, in Roseburg, Oregon, and mum's the word.  WHY?
What would he have said if the victims were Muslims?
 What would he have said if they were targeted for being transgender or gay?  Would he have condemned it?  Would he have called for hate-crimes legislation?   Would he have confronted the ideology that led to the crime?  Would he have lectured us about our phobias and bigotry?

  Dietrich Bonhoeffer one said;
 "Not to speak IS to speak; and not to act IS to act.". Silence in the face of evil, is evil, itself!"

  Well, Mr. President, your silence is speaking volumes to us.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood at the United Nations this week and shamed the world's ambassadors for their silence in the face of Iran's anti semitism.
 "Seventy years after Nazi Germany, Iran vows the complete annihilation of Israel." Netanyahu concluded; "Maybe now you'll understand why Israel does not join you in celebrating the Iran Nuclear deal."

  While disarming the sane, we watch Obama arm the insane and hateful!  Time and again we watch Christians being singled out for execution from Columbine, to Charleston, to Umpqua, To the streets of Mosul, to the shores of Tripoli.  Perhaps he can understand why we are not joining him in celebration of his deal to disarm the citizenry while arming the criminals.

  Perhaps he can understand our disbelief at his utter silence, his deafening silence; in the face of systematic annihilation of Christians. Perhaps he can understand our disbelief while he says nothing in the face of such evil.

  We need to stop this nonsense about more gun laws being the solution. The data does not bear this out. The president thinks he's more of a scientist than the Christians he condemns. Well, let's look at the empirical data. If the solution is a gun free country, then why did this happen in a gun-free zone? Why is violent crime declining in America while gun sales are at an all-time high?

The problem isn't the weapon; the problem is the world view.
  • Moral relativism, 
  • Narcissistic nihilism. 
  • Sexual Licentiousness. 
  • Teaching children that they are simply higher evolved animals,
  • Telling them their identity is nothing more than their base appetites & instincts.
  • Preaching victimization.
  • Fomenting class resentment
  • Race Baiting.
  • Mocking our God and our guns.
  • Belittling biblical morality.
  • Dumbing down the value of life by creating a culture of death.
  • Worshiping the government rather than God.

  These ideas are the problem, Mr. President! Not law abiding citizens exercising their right to protect themselves from a lawless culture which is created by despotes and demagogues who think they can disregard the laws of nature and nature's God.

  You don't stop sin by taking away people's guns! You stop sin by teaching people the importance of obeying God.  You don't stop evil by teaching people victimization and revenge. You stop evil by teaching virtue and repentance.  The shooter didn't have "The Ten Commandments" posted on his Facebook or Twitter accounts.  He posted Atheistic rants and pictures of ISIS.
"When you take away a culture's soul, there's nothing left to stop the evil which lurks in every human heart."
  • You take away his gun and he will use a sword.
  • You take away his sword and he will use a club.
  • You take away his club and he will use a rock.
  • You take away his rock and he will use his hands.

  When you take away a culture's soul, there's nothing left to stop the evil which lurks in every human heart.  You can outlaw guns and swords and clubs and rocks. You can even cut off my hands; But without the gospel I am still a broken and angry man with hatred and revenge in my heart.
Romans 7:24 says;
 "What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body that is subject to death?  Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!"
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