Friday, October 9, 2015

Editorial: OKGOP Cannot Risk Novice Leadership

Hernandez lacks experience, wisdom, and discretion

  The plain-dealing honesty that Oklahoma's Republicans offer to our voters is one of the most important virtues that led to the massive shift from Democrat control. But many forces are eroding that distinction. Opportunists have engaged many efforts to co-opt that principle for personal gain.
  It is time for the Republicans to be circumspect and thorough in the decisions about leadership. Many new faces have emerged and they need to be adopted into the 'tent'. But they also need to be fully vetted for leadership.

Two years ago, Estela Hernandez finally became a delegate to her first OKGOP State Convention. She had just been elected to her first leadership post as the 5th District Committeewoman from Oklahoma County. In May of 2013, she also wrote an opinion piece for The Okie news blog. In that article she strongly advocated for the Heritage Foundation to embrace the reforms of Senate Bill 744 (coauthored by Marco Rubio and Charles Schumer). That bill allows all illegal aliens in the U.S. to stay legally, if they pay some money and stay out of trouble. Conservative groups broadly reject that bill as a purchased amnesty.


Only proper deterrents curb bad behavior
 I recall cutting into the front of the lunch line when I was in elementary school. I got caught by a hall monitor. I was NOT able to pay off the monitor and keep my ill-gotten place in the front of the line. No, I was set aside and not allowed to get my food until all others were done getting theirs. Now that is what deterrents look like.

Paying off govt. officials is not a deterrent.

  Hernandez insists that she does not support amnesty, but she has a different definition than most of us.  And that is not what Oklahomans call 'plain-dealing'.


  Beyond this issue, Hernandez also failed to fully explain her behavior in the June controversy with the OKGOP Chairman, Randy Brogdon. KFAQ Radio's news director and morning talk hosts roundly condemned her behavior after listening to a recorded confrontation which she falsely characterized as a verbal accosting from the chairman. The recording revealed a completely different event wherein she was the hostile party. Listen to that radio clip, here:

Oklahoma's GOP has 2 other fine candidates. endorses Robert Hubbard's candidacy endorses Robert Hubbard's candidacy.

  Robert Hubbard provides Oklahoma with a wise, tempered, and inclusive opportunity fill the open chairmanship post.  He has served 2 terms as a county chairman. They were very successful terms with significant growth. He now serves as the 3rd District Chairman. He is a coalition builder. He has experience in running campaigns, running for offices, and building winning coalitions.
  Pam Pollard has also provided many years of leadership. Party members have repeatedly put their trust in her. She has a good grasp of the job, an excellent understanding of the rules, And she garnered 47% of the delegate votes at the 2015 OKGOP Convention.
  No one likes grandstanding, but it usually works. Pollard has been known to employ the tactic. Yet she would be far preferable to the novice.
David Van Risseghem

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"It is time for the Republicans to be circumspect and thorough in the decisions about leadership"

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