Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Will House Ethics Committee Investigate Mark McBride Allegations?

  KOKH-Fox25 and Raw Story are standing by their news story of Rep. Mark McBride's alleged threats to put a former employee in jail and keep putting him back in prison. The only reason included for the threat was McBride's believe that the man defamed his business.

Legislator Believes Former Construction Employee Harmed His Reputation 

   The message was left on the man's voicemail on May 12th. McBride took at least partial responsibility and said "I did the wrong thing & shouldn't have blowed up".
It's unclear if Rep McBride did violate state or federal law, but the legislature's ethics rules are clearly designed to address this kind of allegation.

The threat of endless prison sentences

  If Speaker Jeff Hickman fails to address this matter fairly and thoroughly, the entire Oklahoma GOP will be potentially harmed by the appearance of abuse of power and the disinterest of the party in disciplining misbehavior while in office. In fact, if McBride were not a legislator, this might be little more than an alleged idle threat. But to a young man who's clearly intimidated by politics, it appears to be a grave and shameless effort to use perceived power to silence any competition.

  I hope it's not as bad as it looks, but I have full confidence in the members of the bipartisan House Election & Ethics Committee.
Watch the video and read the KOKH coverage, here.
  The State Ethics Commission also has clear rules regarding threats and/or coercion.
Here's some of the language of the State Ethics Commission Rules:
Vice Chair Donny Condit and Chairman Paul Wesselhoft
lead the House Elections and Ethics Committee

Rule 4.21. Representation of Constituents by Governor and Legislature. 
  Neither the Governor nor any member of the Legislature, nor any employee of the Governor acting at the direction of and on behalf of the Governor or any employee of the Legislature acting at the direction of and on behalf of a member of the Legislature shall be in violation of these Rules by engaging in activities inherent in representing constituents, gathering information or advocating policy positions, provided none of these activities include illegal threats, intimidation, coercion or promises of actions inconsistent with the Constitution or statutes of the State of Oklahoma or with these Rules
History: Promulgated by Ethics Commission January 10, 2014; effective upon Legislature’s sine die adjournment May 23, 2014; operative January 1, 2015.

David Van Risseghem

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