Saturday, May 9, 2015

Earthquake Week In Oklahoma

What is going on, under our houses? 

  Over the past 7 days, 1/8 of all the world's significant tremors were in the central Oklahoma region.
  Precisely, 40 of the 318 quakes of 2.5 or more on the USGS Richter scale were within 100 miles of Enid, Oklahoma.
  Despite the uncertainty and risks, the Oklahoma legislature wants to ban any counties or municipalities from curtailing risky geological activities.
Rep. Jason Murphey, of Guthrie, OK

While the USGS suggests a strong possibility that petroleum industry activities are at least partly responsible for this unprecedented phenomenon, The Oklahoma Geological Service is being accused by some geologists of stonewalling any efforts to get better answers.
40 of the world's 318
earthquakes, of the 

past week..

were in the central

Oklahoma region
  Rep Jason Murphey, of Guthrie, OK wants better answers for his community. Read his research, here:
David Van Risseghem

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