Saturday, May 23, 2015

SRLC: Day 3 - SoonerPoll Declares Ben Carson As The Frontrunner

The People Speak...

The first straw poll of the 2016 GOP Presidential contest was held at the Oklahoma City event. SoonerPoll conducted the event in a very well-executed and convenient manner. After about 1000 conference participants had spoken, the final presentation was revealed at the Cox Convention Center.
Dr. Ben Carson caught fire and a fortunate break. He was tapped to replace Ted Cruz at the OKGOP Friday night gala. Ted had chosen to accept that smaller venue (a separate ticketed event which cost nearly $100 for each of the 500 conference goers who attended).
But Carson also got to keep his final Saturday speaking slot.
None the less, Carson had a huge base of support and clearly is a frontrunner, in Oklahoma. His grassroots team has some notable party leaders and a strong following.
Scott Walker was the #2 choice. Ted Cruz followed in 3rd.
Surprising (to me) was the #4 position went to Chris Christie. Rick Perry was 5th. About 100 of the respondents were Texans who travelled to OKC for the conference.
Jeb Bush was 6th with 4.9% and a strong base of support in the corporate sector.
Rand Paul made the top ten (4.1%) despite the fact that he totally skipped the event. Rumors suggest he was not satisfied with the 2014 SRLC event (held in Texas). The SRLC is not a function of the Republican National Committee or the Oklahoma GOP. It is a corporation which operates as a business. The OKGOP was selected by the SRLC to host the 2015 event.
David Van Risseghem
The graphic which SoonerPoll published does not show the fact that Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio were in a near statistical tie with Rand Paul at 4.1% each.
The final 10% was a mixed bag of Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, and some others.
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