Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bus Crimes In Politics

  Democrats don't 'throw each other under the bus'. That's only the spineless tactic of fearful Republicans who pray that one day the liberal media will actually love them.
  When a college-age kid finally grows up and becomes a conservative grassroots leader, why is it that entrenched political operatives feel he needs to be treated like a leper?

     Everyone I have interviewed who's had any experience with TC Ryan, has been completely supportive of TC's continued contributions to the OKGOP and the many elected officials he has put in limitless hours of unpaid campaign work for. 

I'll go with informed judges over frenzied mobs, any day.

  And not one of the senatorial mob seems to have a policy to determine which past misdemeanors should result in which lifetime banishments. They don't want a policy, because that might come back to bite them and their family, campaign volunteers, and business associations.

They don't know him because they don't want to know him.

  To my knowledge, everyone who has publicly called for his perpetual banishment, has not had any substantive personal interaction with him. They don't know him because they DON'T WANT TO know him. 
 Why is that? I'll suggest that TC is politically dangerous to political hypocrites who campaign as conservatives, but use their elected positions to further the liberal, big government abuses of power, to drive our state and nation into both tyranny and bankruptcy.
 I'll further allege that the bigger target of these snipers is OKGOP Chairman, Randy Brogdon. Most of the Senate Republican Caucus did not endorse Brogdon, but they are too afraid of the GOP grassroots, so they resort to these tactics.
  I have a strong feeling that grassroots conservatives will be targeting several pharisee members of the Senate Republican Caucus.

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