Saturday, May 23, 2015

SRLC: Day Two Review

Adapting to forces in Washington

No one was more respected than Raphael Cruz
The day started with uncertainty and continued into adaptation by a great conference team and the forward-thinking OKGOP leadership.
Lindsey Graham was the first scheduled speaker. He "skyped in" a video address from a capitol studio in Washington, DC. 
Chris Christie was well-received for the firebrand style of confrontational leadership he exemplifies. His 'red-meat' speech had several applause lines.
Jeb Bush was the final morning candidate. I had met with him earlier in a reception that my former Oklahoma State Senator, Don Rubottom, had arranged. I found Jeb to be very professional, and gracious. Don introduced me in a very complimentary manner and I may have stepped over the line by telling a personal story of Don's and my personal challenges regarding party loyalty to Jeb's father, in the 1992 election. Plus, I referred to Senator Rubottom as "Donny" which Jeb took delight in chuckling about because Don was a key ally to Jeb's administration in the florida legislative institution. I apologize to Don if I crossed a line. At the time we all had a good laugh about the story I shared.
The afternoon session featured Marco Rubio. He also was reduced to a video appearance because of Mitch McConnell's decision to hold key votes in the US Senate. 
John Bolton was another speaker along with  issue panels about energy policy and exposing the fake narrative of liberals about womens' issues.
Bobby Jindal had a well-received speech.
Janet Huckabee spoke on behalf of her husband, Mike; who also appeared via video.
As the afternoon progressed, we learned that Ted Cruz would also be a no-show for the Gala event of the OKGOP. Ted's father, Pastor Raphael Cruz, was very accessible and I had a nice visit with him.


Ben Carson jumped to the opportunity presented to him when he accepted the invitation to be the keynote at the evening banquet. Ted Cruz presented his only speech of the conference via 'skype' technology, from a Washington Studio. He father, Raphael preceded him.
Ben Carson then delivered his first of two speeches. The other will come on Saturday, at the main conference.

Saturday Preview.

Scheduled speakers include former IRS Director, Mark Everson, Carly Fiorina Gov. Jim Gilmore, and Dr. Ben Carson
the Straw Poll results will be announced in mid afternoon.

David Van Risseghem

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