Friday, April 17, 2015

OKGOP Funding Drive Making Headway

Even with the reality of debt, the leadership remained confident in the statewide Republicans

Week #1 Comes To A Close.

  Informal comments from several sources have led me to believe that the emergency funding efforts this week are making good progress. No real numbers will come from this source, but I think I can say that any creditors holding outstanding invoices will or have been satisfied. That's a long way from where the OKGOP wants to be or was told we were last week; but it's a vast and rich outpouring of party support. It may be the broadest demonstration of spontaneous initiatives from several unconnected facets of the party. We expect Chairman Randy Brogdon and Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez to provide a detailed weekly report while we are in this phase of rebuilding our financial house.

Help From Many Sources

Oklahoma's House members, along with our US Senators,
all made a big difference in this week's emergency funding drive.

  • Our Washington Delegation, especially the congressmen, have taken risks by giving to the OKGOP from their own re-election campaigns. Jim Bridenstine cut a check within hours of finding out on Monday. But the demonstrations of support are universal. The entire Washington delegations ether made donations or made calls to people who did make donations.
  • Sagac's Trey Richardson offered his personal support and heavily influenced certain facets of the OKGOP base to stand by the OKGOP institution. Other fundraising groups are also at work.  Brogdon and Hernandez recognise this development as crucial to the effort.
  • Grassroots groups responded Tuesday, to's online Minuteman Recruitment Party. The grassroots groups and County Republican organizations made individual and organizational pledges. They challenged sister groups from other counties and chapters to friendly contests for support, either in dollars or Minuteman memberships.

Trey Richardson's SAGAC, and other fundraisers
Made a huge imapct
  This initial infusion had to happen. It will soon move to a phase of planning for party sustainability. Then it will grow to a place of funding outreach efforts. Lastly, it will gear up for campaign assistance in the next general elections.
  Now, I will say, this is only my unofficial observations and we all look forward to Chairman Brogdon's next fiscal update (which could happen at any hour). Led a grassroots funding drive and
several grassroots groups and bloggers joined in the
unified effort
  As one of the organizers of the Minuteman Recruitment drive, I want to thank all the grassroots activists, party leaders, and local groups who gave what they could. Several said this is the first time they joined the Minutemen.
  Lastly, I need to urge the party members to not rest until our essential staff as well as the Chairman's.
"I do not see the OKGOP as having factions. 
What we have is facets."
 As I have said before; there will be plenty of time for finger-pointing but this is not that time. Maybe next month we will have more real hard data and external reviews of the books. We need to address the shortfall this week and this month. If we fail to do that, next month won't really matter. 


The OKGOP doesn't have factions. What we have is facets.
Some citizens are more drawn to one facet than others.
  I do not see the OKGOP as having factions. What we have is facets. Yes we compete for attention to our pet causes and we all think our set of planks is the most important. Well, they all are. And just as Former Chairman, Gary Jones, led us all through a successful and complete 2015 convention (including a great platform with broad support of all facets), we all will find the OKGOP's principles to be a great unifying idea to grow the party upon.

David Van Risseghem

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