Thursday, April 9, 2015

Editorial: For Randy Brogdon

Sooner endorses Randy Brogdon for OKGOP State Chairman.
  The past 2 years of David Weston's mis-management of the OKGOP have left us more secrecy than inclusion. His administration has instituted changes which make it much harder for candidates to access the organizational structure in each district and all 77 counties.

  While Weston's salary has increased handsomely and his staff has become larger than previous administrations, Weston has somehow not found a way to give any campaign funding to a single party nominee for elective office.

 The many violations of party rules Weston has committed, are journaled in our publication since the 2013 Tulsa mayoral primary.  There have been numerous calls for Weston to give a public accounting for his rules violations, but there is no controlling legal authority seemingly bold enough to hold him accountable.

  Among the most egregious abuses are those involving his planning of the 2015 OKGOP convention. He is supposed to be "hands off" of the 3 official committees. He must appoint 3 chairmen to run those 3 functions (credentials, rules, and platform), but he has presided directly over the credentials and not allowed the hand-picked committee members to validate any delegations.
Randy Brogdon and Pam Pollard discuss needed party reforms

  Weston was required to send out notice by April 1st, to every County Chairman, regarding the multiple proposed OKGOP Rules amendments. No one has confirmed receiving them.

  While the Chairman's race does have 2 alternatives, it is clear that Randy Brogdon has the greater resume of leadership, demonstrated by his legendary reforms of state government while serving in the senate. Brogdon has served in municipal and state government. He has run for statewide office. this experience is of great value in understanding the process of the OKGOP toward electoral success.
Brogdon returned to the capitol this month, to successfully
stop a Weston effort to suppress Oklahoma's electoral
voice in national politics.

  While all 3 candidates espouse similar political views on major issues, Randy has turned those core party principles into law... with the signature of a Democrat governor being persuaded to join his efforts.

  When Oklahoma's most influential asset in national politics was being derailed by Dave Weston's SB233, Both Brogdon and Pollard opposed the bill, But Brogdon was the only candidate who went to the House Committee and led the effort to defeat it.

David Van Risseghem

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