Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cleaning Up The OKGOP

OKGOP Office, at 4031 N Lincoln Blvd.

 It was a new week, when Randy Brogdon arrived at the OKGOP headquarters on monday morning.

 Brogdon's previous weekend had been the climax of a 4 month campaign to become the new spokesman and servant of the Oklahoma Republican Party.  Fellow challenger, Pam Pollard had been gracious and kind throughout the campaign and this past weekend was no different.

  Weston's early defeat in the first round of balloting was followed by a withdrawn demeanor not unlike how most candidates process through a high profile firing.
Chairman Randy Bragdon & Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez

  But today is Monday and it's back to business in a big way. Matt Pinnell, Weston's predecessor and now a staffer at the RNC, came by to be of assistance. Matt ended up spending the entire day at Brogdon's side.  

  Randy's cellphone was buzzing all day with texts and calls. His social media messages where piling up and he had no time to answer the kind messages of congratulations and various inquiries of  legislators, county officers, precinct organizers, or other matters. TC Ryan is offering transitional assistance as an aide to Brogdon. He was Brogdon's traveling partner during the campaign.

"We desperately
 need an infusion 
of finance"
  The OKGOP staff had left the building on the previous Friday, not knowing who their boss would be on the next Monday morning. Brogdon needed to know who each staffer was, what his duties entailed, what records were stored where, and what developments were completed for next month's big national event.

Former OKGOP Chair, Matt Pnnell
National State Party Director, RNC
  The Southern Republican Leadership Conference is an official GOP national event. The summer prior to the presidential primaries & caucuses is an exiting time and much of that excitement surrounds the SRLC 3-day conference. Oklahoma had been tapped to host that event and the OKGOP has several duties to perform correctly, in order for the entire nation's GOP to be successful.

  Matt Pinnell was able to provide assurances that the Republican National Committee (RNC) will aid Oklahoma in a limited way, if needed.
Oklahoma hosts the SRLC
on May 21-23. Earlybird discount
registration ends April 15th
  Oklahoma County GOP rents an office within the building and their volunteers have been busy cleaning and reorganizing their facility. Daren Ward had just been elected county chairman and he had plenty of reorganizing of his own to do. Hugh Smith and others formed a cleaning team and helped get a lot of moving and sorting done for both the OKC county office and the OKGOP state offices.

  But when Randy returned back to Tulsa late Monday, he took time to return some calls. Congressman Tom Cole assured him that the Washington delegation has confidence that Brogdon will represent Oklahoma very well. Lankford, Bridenstine, and others were also expressing support.
  Several business matters were high priority on Monday. All Banking and credit issues need immediate updating. Audits are in order whenever a new team assumes the reigns. Communications is also essential and websites, social media, and other accounts need attention.
Randy Spoke To 1170 on
Tuesday. Listen, here.
  What is inescapable, is the financial status. This is perhaps the most sensitive and most pressing matter. Early Tuesday morning, Pat Campbell of KFAQ 1170am Radio had scheduled a live interview. Randy was prompt to that interview and he had several important matters on his mind.
 Brogdon shared with radio listeners that Congressman Bridenstine was solicited and immediately provided an "infusion" check to make some cash available for funding the OKGOP office.

Promotional poster for a Sooner Politics Fundraising effort
  On Tuesday, Sooner Politics editor, David Van Risseghem, kicked off an immediate fundraiser via social media. A Facebook event called "Minuteman Recruitment Party" was joined by several GOP grassroots organizers and activists. Minuteman Club funds many grassroots organizational projects for the OKGOP. Within hours, several thousands of dollars in new pledges and renewals were being processed at

TC Ryan, campaign aide
 to Randy Brogdon
 On Wednesday, OKGOP Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez was answering some of the calls into the headquarters. There is an obvious need to immediately address financial matters so that our leaders can get essential staffing and begin their more pressing work of reforming the organization. Estela and Randy have public speaking duties to keep. The Oklahoma Bar Association event recently, gave Hernandez an opportunity to combat negative media prejudices by making appearances like this, while reaching out to a new generation, minorities, interest groups, and communities.

  I asked Hernandez to please make some form of public report of the reforms and fundraising sometime soon. Perhaps early next week we will know more. Brogdon is scheduled to speak at the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly on Tuesday night, April 21st.

David Van Risseghem
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