Thursday, April 23, 2015

Man-made Quakes On Rise

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Man-made earthquakes increasing in central 
and eastern U.S., study finds

  For the first time, the U.S. Geological Survey has unveiled a map of earthquakes thought to be triggered by human activity in the eastern and central United States.

"Oklahoma is by far the worst-hit state recently, according to the USGS"
  Oklahoma is by far the worst-hit state recently, according to the USGS study released Thursday. The state last year had more earthquakes magnitude 3 or higher than California, part of a huge increase recorded in recent years.

  Seismic activity in Texas near the Dallas-Fort Worth area has also increased substantially recently. Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico and Ohio have all experienced more frequent quakes in the last year.

Rep Jason Murphey of Guthrie has long been concern that his district has been suffering and might possibly be in danger of a man-made catastrophy if the potential dangers are not fully studied. Read his reports here: Murphey's Law
Read more about the USGS study at: LA Times
David Van Risseghem

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