Friday, December 19, 2014

RNC Sets New Rules For Presidential Race

  National Review recently reported on little-known rule changes made by the Republican National Committee members.
  1. States selecting before March 15 will be restricted not to allow winner-take-all. All statewide delegates will be awarded proportionately.
  2. States selecting after March 15 can award winner-take-all statewide delegates.
  3. Caucus states must award statewide delegates proportionate to Caucus night results.
  While the first 2 rules we  listed seem to support candidates with lasting power (well-funded/dedicated following), the 3rd item seems to reward movement candidates with broad popularity within conservative party circles.
  Oklahoma was run by similar rules in 2012. While Rick Santorum led throughout the primary campaign, his win only garnered slightly more than 1/3 of the delegates. Gingrich came in 3rd, behind Santorum & Romney, but collected nearly as many delegates as Santorum. Ron Paul did not meet the threshold for receiving state delegates.
  Efforts to mount a state convention coup will result in less real benefit to an ultra-committed small band of activists. 
  Iowa was a hotbed of scandal in 2012. First, the Romney campaign benefited from a willful refusal to report the most accurate totals (which put Santorum over the top). That led to a State Committee party fight and resignations. Then the Ron Paul team won everything at the state convention, and even removed the elected leadership from office a year early.
Read a detailed report at National Review,here.
David Van Risseghem

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