Thursday, December 11, 2014

Say 'NO' to Oklahoma Super delegates!

OKGOP Executive Committee Recommends Breaking Party Rules

  In the call to the 77 counties for selecting delegates, The OKGOP Letter officially calling for biennial convention, has openly recommended that the county chairmen consider picking delegates for or possibly in place of duly elected precinct delegations.
  On page 14 of the PDF file sent to the county chairmen, the letter  recommended a process to pick people who neither attend their local precinct caucus meeting, nor even communicate with them. Then they recommend that these unknown  individuals be allowed to seek credentials up to the week of the county conventions!
  This trick is not new. This is one of the ways Gerald Ford used his power and influence to defeat Ronald Reagan, in 1976, for the Republican nomination.  And Bush41 tried to do the same thing in the 1988 presidential primaries.
David Van Risseghem
Page 14 recommends violating permanent party rules.
  The OKGOP Rules state that a precinct has the sole authority to select it's own delegation. If no one holds a lawful meeting, no delegates are credentialed from that precinct. We all have equal footing and voting power in this Grand Old Party; and we need to keep it that way. Delegate credentials are not free tokens given away to reward contributions, political favors, settle debts, or any other unauthorized activity!

Post Note: I heard from 2 executives who both said they were only asked to vote on the time, date, & distribution on delegate votes.
If the executive committee is lying, I'd like Chairman Weston to set the record straight. Otherwise, since the letter recommends violating party rules; and the job description for state chairman is to enforce the party rules, then an impeachable offense has occurred.

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