Friday, December 5, 2014

How Many Prohibitions Do We Keep?

  As a 'teetotaler', I am glad our nation ended it's "war on liquor" 81 years ago. While I personally discourage leisure consumption, The abuse of the legal code for the sake of oppressing personal freedoms which we don't personally approve of, is really not in keeping with the founding principles of our nation.
  • We don't make atheism illegal. 
  • We don't make swinger clubs illegal. 
  • We don't make fortune-telling illegal.
  I urge continued prosecution of those who endanger the public or exploit children through liquor marketing and consumption, But if the fella next door sips a bourbon before bedtime, that's his business. I hope he sleeps peacefully.
  I'm just glad that organized crime was dealt a deadly blow by removing the prohibition amendment. Al Capone and other racketeers made millions off illegal liquor.
  Now if others draw a parallel between liquor then, and hemp, today; we might have an intellectually stimulating discussion... 
David Van Risseghem

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