Thursday, December 11, 2014

Join the Party!


The Oklahoma Republicans
Want You To Join
& Make the Party Bigger, Better,
& More Enduring

  Next month, the Oklahoma Republicans will hold a massive number of local meetings to elect new leadership for your neighborhood, your county, region, and state. Almost every office is open for party elections.

  We will compile a public policy document (platform) elaborating the guiding principles we promote. you can help us write it!

  We will send delegates to the larger conventions and in most cases, you can be a part of that delegation (we do open delegations).
  • Do you have an issue you want to see changes in?
  • Do you want to run for political office some day?
  • Do you want to support political reform?
  The Oklahoma Republicans have county organizations run by good people who want to hear from you and invite you to your neighborhood's next meeting. But we need to hear from you, soon.
... We aren't 
controlled by
union bosses,
 mob rackets,
 or Ayatollahs

  All of the neighborhood (we call them a precinct) meetings will occur sometime in January and there are thousands of them, so I can't post them all on this page.

  We aren't controlled by union bosses, mob rackets, or Ayatollahs. We are a massive bunch of diverse folks from every age (some are in high school and some are in nursing homes). Some will meet at coffee shops while others meet in mansions. But all of us are dedicated to a better government which better serves the great people of Oklahoma.

  We love the freedom our nation was founded upon, and believe in the goodness that drives us to help carry the burdens of others, that can't be carried alone.
  Call your county leader, today. Refer to this link for your county's organizers.
   We will save a seat for you!
David Van Risseghem

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