Sunday, July 19, 2015

Armies With Real Arms?

  In the wake of the military recruiting office attacks and deaths from an Islamic terrorist in Chattanooga, several governors are giving President Obama private fits by actually using real guns as a solution to fight terrorism. 
  The growing list of states overhauling their state policies so as to actually arm the Army, includes Oklahoma and many other southern conservative states. The more liberal states are, instead, considering closing all the recruiting centers in the malls and retail districts, and burying the recruiting job deep into the old armories and national guard bases.

  At the core nature of most liberals is an innate disdain for anything hinting at a real show of force in defense of the USA. And the idea that the military might not pay the hefty lease at the local malls in every city; that's just too delicious!
  So far, no one is calling for metal detectors at the entrances to all shopping centers, but it's still too early to assume someone won't demonstrate such stupidity and totalitarianism.
  Among the largest employers in the world are the US military branches. Our federal and state governments spend massive sums to find the best candidates to fill these fundamental national defense duties. Our state universities also spend annual fortunes to pitch their enrollment efforts. They seek to strap kids with massive student loan debt while stripping the next generation of any residual faith anchor.
  A military career, on the other hand, begins paying recruits a nominal wage while the enlistee becomes functional as a soldier within weeks of taking the oath. And a constitutional function of national security, and state security, are accomplished.
  So young recruits and even those who visit a recruiter out of sheer curiosity and boredom; will somehow be 'corrupted' by the sight of real guns on real soldiers, who really do train to really use them to defend us, and themselves, from real bad dudes who seek to take down the USA.
David Van Risseghem

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