Thursday, July 16, 2015

Digression To Mud Wrestling In A Tar Pit

The Tar Pit Of Our Demise

  The great political inspirations of our time are not admired for their mud wrestling skills. To the contrary, they are admired for their disciplined avoidance of baser traits of the political underclass.
  Not content with the expressed will of the tabulated ballots, those who can't lead have taken to sniping at those who have inspired and led.
  The Oklahoma GOP has become the home of the sanctimonious haters. We didn't invite them, they just came.
They are the pharisees who reject the vision and hopes of the voters unless that outcome results in their own political promotion. They do not bother to involve themselves with the party base. Touting scriptural platitudes while assassinating the platoon leaders with an endless barrage of mudballs and contriving hidden snares in wait. We have become the showcase in the art of religious showmanship for political gain, But on the other side (the underside), the party pharisees have clearly renounced the 11th commandment of Ronald Reagan (speak no evil of a fellow Republican).
  Some of our politicians in power turn a blind eye to the corruption and crimes of their own. Yet demand a perpetual banishment of those who threaten their privileged status, using any convenient feigned offense.
The Oklahoma GOP has become the home of the sanctimonious haters. 
  The solution is NOT to defeat them in the digression to mud wrestling. It is in the positive vision and clarity of message that solidifies the support from the body of the party. Never lose sight of the purpose for which we dedicate ourselves to restoring our great republic.
  The only one who wins a bout of mud wrestling in a tar pit, is the one who declines the invitation.
  But mark the one whose hands have the residue of the mudball. And mark the one who repeats the anonymous innuendo. Those are not the leaders who take you to a better vision. No, they are the ones who amass power for the sake of stature and personal privilege.
  And mark the consultants who egg on the mud missiles. They are content to watch the destruction of a movement as their purses weigh heavier. A candidate who begins his civic venture in the mud pit and paying your campaign contributions over to the purveyors of mud; are not yet ready for civic leadership.
  We have squandered so much in negative behavior. Our discontent and idleness has taken us in the wrong direction. Mark the ones who took us to this place and avoid their appeals to further distraction. Ignore their tantrums and let them reveal their ways without your assistance.
  Now get busy doing what you're supposed to do. Join with those who have also rejected the pit of mutual destruction. In a few months the nation will select a couple presidential nominees. The Democrats are flocking to an openly avowed socialist and we are doing very little to warn the nation of the evil which is growing in strength. We can't defeat this soviet-era vision with nothing. Instead we must dust off our message of freedom and opportunity and grow our movement through mutual respect for the dignity of the individual and the great institutions of faith and family.
  In the weeks to come we will revisit the great accomplishments of the recent decades. You will note a consistent theme in them. The great leaders have grown the movement through a positive appeal. And avoided the negative aspects of base politics.
David Van Risseghem

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