Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Arena Of Politics - The Man In The Arena

'The Man In The Arena' , by Teddy Roosevelt
There were many great conservatives gathered, yesterday, at the Oklahoma GOP State Convention. It may be one of the biggest and most powerful political forces in the "reddest state in the union".
We saw a great deal of good will, passionate debate, competent leadership, and new visions for a better future.

As many readers know, This blogger is very confident in the capabilities of all our candidates for the statewide party offices. Unfortunately only 2 of the 5 candidates can assume office, tomorrow.

To Amanda, Denise, & Richard; my salutes for your willingness. I admire your dedication and respect your qualifications.
Teddy Roosevelt also salutes you. It is a special honor to be 'The Man In The Arena'.

To Matt, Pam, their appointees, and all the outgoing committee members: Thanks for serving with great distinction! These have been magical years.

To the new leadership: David & Sara Jo, I stand by you, as do your former opponents who honestly believe they could also lead, if called upon. Please call on all of us and be the leaders whom we will all be proud to stand by. We know you are competent, but we will also forgive your humanity and be patient with your limitations. We will appreciate your transparency and even expect it, as a sign that you too, have confidence in us.
Lead On!

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