Friday, April 5, 2013

Oklahoma's New Republican Leadership.

    Today's Oklahoma Republican Party has some of the finest new party candidates for the upcoming State Convention.  All of the candidates have volumes to further the conservative political values of Oklahoma's Republicans. While many in the party may have limited interaction with some or all of the 4 major candidates; a bit of research will quickly result in a wealth of insight.
    This is our first state convention which does not have a gender mandate for the elections. In past year, going back to the Gerald Ford era, we had to select a man for one office and a woman for the other.
Vice Chairman

    Below, you'll find a brief introduction by each of them and a link to further contact information. All of them are professing Christians.
Chairman Candidates
  • David Weston is a  longtime activist and leader, Dave has served multiple capacities in local and state positions for the Oklahoma Republican Party. For over a decade Dave has played a critical leadership role throughout OKGOP operations and committees.  David resides just south of the OKC area. 
  • Amanda Teegarden is motivated by devotion to principle, implementation of conservative policy, and effective grassroots mobilization.  Amanda resides in the Tulsa area.
Vice Chairman Candidates
  • Denise Crosswhite-Hader  has worked on numerous campaigns on the local, state, and federal levels since she was 14; including as the Field Rep. for the 5th Congressional District in Central Oklahoma. In 2004, she ran for State Senate & later was a  coordinator on the campaign staff of Dr. Tom Coburn . She currently works as the Legislative Liaison for Labor Commissioner Mark Costello. Denise resides in the OKC area. Denise-Crosswhite-Hader, on Facebook
  • Richard Engle is a husband, father, Author, philanthropist, and statesman. He has volunteered in many capacities of party leadership. He was runner-up in last year's narrow race for RNC committeeman. Richard Engle of Facebook
    Each of these candidates have brought civic-minded people together for noble causes. Each of them is intelligent and ambitious about the opportunities that lay ahead.
It is the conclusion of this writer, that all of the candidates present a good choice with unique strengths belonging to each of them.

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