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Fox23, KOKI reported at 7:30, 11/6/2015:

Tulsa Sheriff's Office Property Room
  The evidence room at the Tulsa jail was reportedly full so the overflow area was out in a hall where inmates had access. The deputies arrested one inmate for stealing K2 (a synthetic drug).

According to the Tulsa World narrative:
On June 17, Sgt. Christopher Pierce of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, who was in charge of inmate work detail, transported Preibe and another inmate, Ryan Riehl, 36, from the Tulsa Jail to the Sheriff’s Office. Preibe was unsupervised in the basement during the work assignment, an affidavit states 
About 2 p.m., Pierce instructed Preibe and Riehl to load a truck with files and file cabinets. Pierce noticed Preibe walking quickly to the shop break area, where he followed him, according to an affidavit. 
From a mirror on the door leading to the break room, Pierce watched Preibe get down on the floor and put something under a locker.
When Pierce asked Preibe to retrieve the item, he handed an empty can of chewing tobacco to Pierce, the affidavit states. 
Pierce told Preibe to surrender his limited-access card, but Preibe said he couldn’t find it. While looking for it, Pierce saw two boxes of white grout sitting on a table in the break room, with some of the grout surrounding it. Pierce asked Preibe about the grout but Preibe didn’t respond, according to the affidavit. 
James Preibe
Preibe went to the bathroom to look for the card, and when he did, Pierce looked in the box to find four packages of K2, the affidavit states. When Pierce confronted Preibe, the inmate began to walk away, then stopped, turned toward Pierce and charged at him, the affidavit states. 
While waiting for Preibe to be transported to jail, Deputy Justin Green, who now serves as the agency’s public-information officer, overheard Preibe threaten to kill Riehl, the affidavit states.
When Preibe got to the Medical Unit, jail investigators noticed Preibe had a large, reddish stain on the posterior side of his pants near his buttocks, according to the affidavit.
Investigators watched Preibe place a blanket over his lap while sitting on a cell toilet and reach between his legs. Preibe was removed from the cell and consented to an X-ray. Jail staff found blood, two pieces of packaging from a brand of K2 and a substance that appeared consistent with K2 in the toilet, the affidavit states.
The evidence was collected and sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, where it tested positive as a controlled substance, according to the affidavit.
Later in the year, Sheriff Glanz was stripped of his post

  Beyond the issue of security, the inept deputies are adding to the drug problem and exposing taxpayers to lawsuits because the inmates can sue for damages if their property is not restored to them.
 The Tulsa County Sheriff's office delayed notification of the breach to the District Attorney's office for at least a week. District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said Thursday that he was satisfied with the new measures.

“I’m confident that I have a clear understanding of what took place,” he said. “I’m also confident now that adequate measures have been put in place to safeguard the property room.”
In September, Green confirmed that investigators had tied Preibe to the June 17 evidence overflow room breach.
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When Preibe got to the Medical Unit, jail investigators noticed Preibe had a large, reddish stain on the posterior side of his pants near his buttocks..

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