Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tulsa GOP Endorsement: Ronda Vuillemont-Smith for County Chair

  I just received a very informative message from a candidate for chairman of the Tulsa County GOP. It came from a very respected leader in conservative political circles: Ronda Vuillemont-Smith.
  Ronda starts out with a very informative point. One that is very inconvenient to some county party factions. Here is her opening letter, sent to me and to all other precinct leaders:
March 4, 2015

I congratulate you for your dedication to Republican Party leadership, in the Tulsa County Republican Party. Active precincts are essential to building a vital and effective county GOP effort. As members of the Tulsa GOP County Committee, your precinct chairman and vice chairman serve an essential role in determining the direction and policies of the county GOP. The Tulsa County GOP will be strengthened by the leadership your precinct lends to the County Committee.
  The Tulsa GOP COUNTY COMMITTEE (made up of every Precinct Chair & Vice Chair) is an all-but-disbanded part of the county organization.
  Why is that?  Perhaps because the County Committee is the supreme authority of the GOP in the county organization. The chairman of the county party submits to the County Committee. So if there is a chairman who wants to run the Tulsa GOP his own way, he simply resists convening a County Committee meeting. Instead, he only selects his advisory committee (known as the Executive Committee) and claims that the EC has ruling authority (as it was done just last week).
  The Oklahoma GOP Rules (sort of a constitutional document of the party) state:
6(b) County Committee Authority and Duties:
1. The County Committee(CC) of each county is the supreme Republican Party authority of the county, subject to these rules and the direction and control of County Conventions. It is charged with the duty of promoting the welfare and directing and controlling the affairs of the Republican Party in its county.
  But the chair & vice chairs' hand-picked members of the Executive Committee have very few constitutional duties. They are a group of advisers.
7(b) County Executive Committee Authority and Duties:
 The County Executive Committee(EC) shall at all times act in an advisory capacity to the County Chairman and Vice Chairman and shall confer with them and offer such plans and suggestions as will serve and advance the best interests of the welfare of the Party not inconsistent with these rules.
   A power-hungry chairman simply avoids any organization of a County Committee. Then he starts ruling by edict and invalidating entire precincts who don't support him. He encourages his strongest supporters to organize, but makes it very difficult for other precincts to even hold key precinct meetings. This has put the Tulsa GOP in a "Constitutional Crisis" which can best be resolved by a firm commitment from every party office candidate, to return to the foundational structure of the 3 active committees of the permanent County GOP organization. See a full set of the OKGOP Rules
  The first step in your leadership role is to send a strong delegation to the Tulsa County GOP Convention- on March 7th. You will be joined by over 100 other delegations who are tasked with selecting county leadership.
  I am a candidate for Tulsa County GOP Chairman and I ask for your support. I share your dedication to conservative principles, just as I have led several county and state initiatives through my leadership in the Tulsa 912 Project.
   The highest ruling body of the County GOP is the County Convention, itself.  If a precinct and it's members want to be included in key organizational and policy matters, the convention needs to include them. Invalidating a precinct is the highest form of banishment a county can devise. But it risks the invalidation of the entire county GOP leadership because if it is deemed inappropriate, it becomes the grounds to the removal of the entire county GOP leadership who disenfranchised the party members.
    After the convention is over, precincts need a solid commitment from County GOP leaders that the appropriate structure of the party will remain actively engaged and growing the party's organization and influence. If a Candidate for party office can't demonstrate a track record of reliability, honesty, effective leadership and order, find another candidate!

  Here is Ronda's introduction and experience which convinces Sooner Politics that she is the best choice for Tulsa GOP Chairman.
  I founded the Tulsa 912 Project to help reduce the federal government's involvement, influence, and power over our daily lives. Each of my previous civic roles, such as starting and managing my own business, have helped prepare me to become a strong and effective County Chairman. The issues and events of the past decade have brought us to a place where a resolute leader is needed now more than ever before.
  More importantly, we need a leader who builds on common values and concerns, to build effective coalitions.  I have experience building coalitions with various grassroots organizations from across the state- from issue based conferences to the grassroots led Defenders of Liberty Grassroots Activism Awards, I have shown my willingness to work with various groups within the Party while also using leadership and organizational skills to make things happen.
  Together we have an opportunity to create a foundation for the GOP that focuses on reaching minorities, families and the next generation. We can build the GOP from the bottom up to train activists and precinct leaders. Please join with me in advancing the Oklahoma values we know are essential to our party's healthy leadership. 
For Liberty,
Ronda Vuillemont-Smith
P.S.  I'm looking forward to seeing you Saturday, March 7, at the Jenks Performing Arts Center, 205 East B Street, Jenks, OK
   For this reason, The Editor of clearly supports Ronda Vuillemont Smith as the next Chairman of the Tulsa GOP. Here is the remainder of her introductory letter:
  Be sure your full delegation attends the Tulsa GOP Convention and stays involved in proper governance of the Tulsa GOP. We can't afford another 2 years of poor leadership and disregard for party rules.  We need party growth, and that terrifies those who are used to controlling things and answering to no one.
David Van Risseghem

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