Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sooner Politics Unveils the 'Lawmakers Journal'

www.LawmakersJornal.com Goes Online

  As Oklahoma prepares for a very active legislative season, Sooner Politics is helping to connect lawmakers directly with the voters of their districts and the entire Sooner State.

  Page A3 of our online daily newspaper is now filled with legislative correspondents who will be updating the  latest events at the capitol and news of the legislation which is working it's way through committees and floor votes.

Patrick McGuigan's Capitol Beat
 The page includes the most sought after columnists covering the legislature. Patrick McGuigan's Capitol Beat is joined by Watchdog-OK and Grace McMillan's "The House and Senate".

Lawmaker's Journal;
the new Section B of
Sooner Politics Daily News

  Along with the press office briefings of each house, a growing list of current lawmakers are posting their own raw legislative journals and blogs. They will discuss he rationale governing their recent votes, challenges remaining in the effort to reach a key compromise in solving a state problem, and even a few lighthearted stories of the less flattering side of being a citizen lawmaker.

Here are 6 recent posts from the diverse group
of lawmakers, whose posts are carried in Lawmakers Journal
A published registry of the daily progress of bills
  Finally, the Open-States section tracks all the bills from their filings, right up though their landing on the governor's desk. Each morning readers can see what has transpired on the floor of each house in the previous day's business.
David Van Risseghem

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