Monday, January 5, 2015

Political Panhandling for 2016

Need money for political comeback

The Presidential Candidates Are Looking For Money

  Make that lots of money. And they hope to raise over $100 million this year. Some say this is the year when real campaign platforms are set. Not by polling; oh no! But by whoever has the deepest pockets and most ambitious plans to roll Washington to their liking.

  While it doesn't look exciting to most U.S. voters, the reports on campaign financing will tell us very much about who the real front runners are. Several will keep their candidacy in the 'exploratory' phase until they reach a predetermined milestone.
  But others have had fairly good success in moving ahead into the primary months while "living off the land". Buchanan, Huckabee, Ron Paul, and Santorum have demonstrated staying power simply off their populist movement appeal. But none of them have ultimately won a GOP presidential nomination. Good campaigns require national organizing, and that costs massive amounts of money. By this fall, if a candidate doesn't have competent leaders organizing every state primary, he won't find his name on many of the state ballots in the early 2016 primary voting.

David Van Risseghem
  So if you're already set on whom you'll campaign for a year from now, you probably would do well to start this winter. Money is the mother's milk of politics and without the help of real grassroots support, your hero will either sell out to shadowy influences, or give up before the balloting begins.

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