Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Obama Claims The Support Of Dorman & Others

A political cartoon photo depicting the allegiance
of Joe Dorman to the Obama political platform
  The October 20th edition of The Hill headlines a quote from Democrat president, Barack Obama.
  The very unpopular liberal president claims that the numerous Democrat candidates on next month's ballot have been supporters of his all along.
  He goes on to say that they support his liberal agenda.
  Oklahoma Democrat candidate for governor, Joe Dorman; has not commented on this latest "tip of the hand" coming from the head of his party.
  Yet the legislative voting record of Joe Dorman indicates that the president is accurate in identifying Dorman and others of pushing the liberal agenda from Washington, in the Oklahoma State House.
  Voters in the Sooner state are troubled by the thought that a stealth candidacy could extend the Obama agenda well passed the day when Obama leaves the White House.
David Van Risseghem
  The Oklahoma Democratic party is painstakingly trying to rebrand themselves as the image of midwestern conservatism. This effort includes wiping the word 'liberal' from their platform and plastering the state with photos of gun-toting, softball playing, members of the local PTA; who happen to run for political office.

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