Sunday, March 9, 2014

Breaking Down The 2014 CPAC Polls

  The CPAC conference has become one of the most prominent single political conferences in the nation.
Do you support or oppose the current 
activities of the NSA? 78% say "No"
The presidential campaign year usually sees a large spike in CPAC registrations. But every year sees the registration growing in comparison to the previous 4-year cycle.

   We captured the graphics from their powerpoint presentation, via a Youtube video clip. Apologies for the low-resolution results.
What is your age?
Polling participants of the approx. 2500
who registered at 2014 CPAC
  The biggest news seems to be the Washington Times Straw Poll. But there are many more enlightening details in the internals of the well-run polling. Each registrant was given a code to use when filing out their online poll questionaire.

The Washington Media heavily reports on the CPAC annual event. To an extent, it can be said that the media even promotes the conference.

College groups a a big part of the event. The  conference started in 1986. Each year there have been new developments and trends emerging. The Washington Times is now very involved in the polling process. CPAC is a strong indicator of conservative trends in American politics.

Thinking ahead to the 2016 Presidential election,
who would you vote for as the next Republican nominee for President?
Generally speaking, do you approve of the job
Obama and Republicans in Congress are doing?

Which ONE of the following comes
closest to your core beliefs and ideology?

Which of the following methods of
fixing the budget deficit would you favor MOST?
Which of the following statements comes CLOSEST to
your view regarding the United States' role in the world?
Which of the following statements most closely
reflects your views on the legalization of marijuana?
   So it appears that the 2014 results had their largest breaking trends in the area of marjuana legalization and their dropping support for the job approval of Republicans in congress.

The support for marijuana legalization was broad among every demographic except the 65+ age group.

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