Monday, February 17, 2014

Sooner Politics Facebook Group

 Oklahoma conservatives now have a statewide facebook group for additional communication and discussions. Sooner Politics Facebook Group is now open, just in time for the early political announcements of the 2014 election cycle.
  We also discuss classic issues of constitution, family values, tax policy, and ethics. Several smaller and local organizations have fantastic Facebook groups which deal with specific issues or local politics. This Sooner Politics Group will seek to unite and inform all of Oklahoma's Conservative base.
  The Newspaper is now up and running! It is a free online consortium of Oklahoma Conservative writers and activists. This web publication effectively ties several great communicators from around the state into one concise feed of several issues, events, and causes.
  We encourage the readers to subscribe to the great bloggers' pages, support the advertisers, and spread the word!
   The Calendar is running! We pulled together several Google Calendar feeds from political groups, Tea Parties, Political Machines, and Government Announcements. We've issued a call for all activist groups to maintain a google calendar for your events and meetings, then let us know the link. We'll help spread the word of the great things you are doing.

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