Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Obama's Flexibility & Israeli Survival

Medvedev & Obama, in March, 2012

  Remember last spring, when the Russians were whispering with President Obama, and Barack replied to them in hushed tones;

 "I'll have a lot more flexibility after the election."?
  This poignant moment came back to my mind this morning while watching Obama's joint press conference with Israeli President Perez. Obama strengthened his words of commitment to Israel in a way we haven't heard up 'til now.
  Last Summer, the Democrat National Convention tried to correct a couple omissions in their platform. God was never mentioned and Israel's right to exist in Jerusalem was blocked from the platform committee report.

  To correct the  public relations problem, Obama's team maneuvered the rules and sought to insert the remedy from the convention floor.  Watch the way the massive body reacts when they discover what is being done, and how the Obama team shows it's disregard for the rules of democratic process.

  I do believe Obama has a dangerous disregard for laws and constitutional process. But I believe the American Left is dangerously aligned with the enemies of Israel & the God of Abraham.
  Obama's increased flexibility may be a danger to our constitutional republic, but may also be a pragmatic temporary benefit to Israel's eminent security threat; namely, the Iran nuclear development and the multiple terrorist organizations throughout the middle east. It remains to be seen, just how hostile the American Left in the Democrat Party may be to the God of Abraham; and I pray that we never see another outburst of hate like we saw at the Democrat National Convention.

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