Saturday, February 2, 2013

Obama Divides Preachers From Congregations

  This weekend, the organized, corporate religion industry is facing a test from God.
Will the multi-billion dollar religion industry actually put their 'sheep' first.
  As shepherds of God's flock, ministers are commanded to lay down their lives for the sheep (God's people).
   Obama's regime just offered the corporate religious institutions a narrow temporary exemption from mandated participation in federal birth control purchases.
   But will those preachers now go silent? Or will they stand in solidarity with their flock who take their faith with them into the business world? Obama is still threatening $1 million per day in fines for not providing potentially abortive drugs to fellow business associates.

   Freedom Of Religion is a personal guarantee that our federal govt. will not be allowed to coerce conduct that persecutes any individual's faith convictions.

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