Monday, January 21, 2013

Voter Discontent vs Obamas 'Heavies'

Voter Discontent is building, 

Lupe Fiasco

..and Obama's 'heavies' are using strong-arm measures to silence any public dissension. 

    On Inaugural weekend , There was a concert featuring several pop music artists, including rapper, Lupe Fiasco.
    Normally, very little would be said about this type of event. It was just something booked for the sake of the many devotees whom The Obama cheerleaders hoped to draw to Washington for a political celebration of victory.
    But this event didn't go according to script. Someone didn't genuflect properly. The video below was captured by someone in the crowd.

   Had this been a Conservative inaugural celebration, you'd have already heard and seen a lot from this outspoken musician's unexpected outburst.
   Lupe (pron.: LOO-pay), is a Muslim anti-establishment entrepreneur from Chicago. He is known for speaking critically of anyone in power, even those he agrees with.  He is a disciplined and well-educated man. He has courageously resisted drug and gang influences in his neighborhood and within his industry.

   Could this just be a publicity stunt? Perhaps; after all, would I even bother talking about him if it weren't for this glimpse of Obama's heavy tactics?  But watch and see if the Obama administration has any official comment on this. For that matter, watch and take note if any of our 'vaunted ' media establishment even bothers to bring up the issue.

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