Friday, January 25, 2013

Conservatives Boycott Walmart Over Leftist Activism

Walmart attempts to appease Left
   The Obama 2012 presidential campaign organization is now morphing into Operation For Action(OFA).  This new 501-c4 nonprofit organization has many new corporate friends lining up to pay "protection money" to the Obama Regime's activist wing.
   In 1998, The world's wealthiest man, Bill Gates, learned a painful lesson in what happens to corporations who don't pony up money to liberal administrations. The Clinton white house took Microsoft to court in a landmark antitrust suit. Eventually Microsoft had to pay a fortune in fines, damages to dubious "victims", and massive legal bills.
   Today, corporations like Walmart, Citibank, & Lockheed are boasting to consumers of their charitable giving, but the reality is that corporations are increasingly paying massive "leave us alone" money to thugs like the current socialist administration.
Obama ally, Jim Massina heads up the O.F.A.
   According to the Washington Free Beacon, there will be massive campaigns funded by Walmart and other major corporations; pushing Obama's socialist initiatives. Massive new taxes are about to be debated in the current congress.
   Major new federal regulations will add massive new limitations, costing industry many new jobs and leading to a new round of layoffs and another recession.
   Conservative grassroots groups are stunned that Sam Walton's folksy neighborhood "five & dime" has morphed into a "Target wannabe".  The new generation of corporate leadership at Walmart seems to have disconnected itself from the heart & soul of founder, Sam Walton.

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