Friday, January 18, 2013

How Colonial Arms Control Formed Our 2nd Amendment

   British Arms control advocates like Piers Morgan are part of a rich old tradition of Elite Englishmen who have abused the Scots and enslaved an empire of global colonies.

Guns don't work without powder
   As they began to fear the American colonists and looked for ways to suppress the threat of self-determination; It wasn't rifles and pistols that the British crown tried to limit.

The focal point of British suppression was gunpowder.

   The battles of Lexington and Concord which we studied as children, weren't just anomolies.
   On the next day, in Virginia, The crown's representative, Gov. Dunmore, secretly took the Virginia Militia's stocks of gunpowder from the colonial storehouse and had British soldiers place it on a Royal Navy ship.  It mattered little to the Tory Governor, who owned the munitions. He just asserted he right to take it and maintain custody of it.
   Patrick Henry led the Hanover County Militia to recover the supplies, but only after a tense diplomatic negotiation, did a settlement avert bloodshed. In the end, the Governor's Tory allies paid about £330 for the gun powder. 
Sparse supplies of ammunition

   Today, leftists are quietly working to limit access to ammunition for America's gun owners.  While we are busy arguing whether a rifle can legally have a pistol grip or how big a magazine we can attach, The most important components are disappearing off the retail shelves and federal regulators are determined to slow down the rate in which the retailers get their next shipments.
   Handguns, shotguns, &  rifles are all essential to a free nation. But they are of no impact if without powder and shot. If we allow our means of defense to be taken from us by lawyers and legislators, no militia of any size will be able to oppose those thugs who do have stockpiles of ammunition and machine guns.

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