Friday, January 4, 2013

Justice For The Guerena Widow

    It's been over a year, and still no justice or accountability for the murder of this Marine, by an inept(or worse) SWAT team. See the Video 
    Former Marine Sgt. Jose Guerena was awaken to an assault on his compound, in 2011. But before he could even assess the threat, he was massacred... in his Arizona home.
    The invaders were armed with a search warrant.
    It's sad that I had to post a Russian TV news report about this.
    Why is it that we have a much better chance of getting news coverage if the story involves a pretty young woman?

Some say that  this former soldier is at fault for holding a rifle? I not only support his protective instinct, but He is a perfect example of why large magazines are justified.  If he was facing a gang of vagabond pillagers, He'd have to match their collective firepower.

  What exacerbates this injustice is that he was left to bleed to death. The autopsy proved that none of his wounds were life-threatening, but the collective blood loss caused his death after about 1 hour of being left unattended on the floor of his home.
   A medic is reported to be on scene, but no medical aide was administered.
Two police officers were sentenced to long prison terms by a federal prosecutor, when Rodney King was subdued with ugly force. They were convicted of not protecting the life of a suspect in custody. This is a much more obvious civil rights case.
   Read more: Autopsy Proves Cops Responsible For Death Of Innocent Marine.

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