Saturday, January 5, 2013

   These are just a few of the figures whose public stand for patriotic values has inspired me.
   Sally Kern lives her traditional values in the face of national attacks from the counter culture.
   Jim Inhofe doesn't let others do his thinking for him. He researches issues and stands where his convictions dictate, whether anyone stands with him, or not.
   JC Watts exposed the corruption and graft of the civil rights racket.
He stands with Dr. King and seeks to liberate all those who will dare to move off the Democrat plantation.
   Tom Coburn avoids the Washington power addiction and stays free of the trappings and corruption, in a heroic way.
   Steve Largent is willing to expose the corruption and deceit of any leader, regardless what party they are. His humility and honesty, along with his courage and dedication, are legendary years after he stepped out of elective office.
   Who else has earned a place in this photo?

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