Thursday, January 17, 2013

About Well-Regulated Militias

  Can anybody give me a clear definition of " WELL REGULATED MILITIA"?  It seems like the entire 2nd Amendment to the constitution is framed around the reasoning that our uninfringible right to firearms is predicated on the grounds that the only way to keep a any form of military power in-check, is to balance it with a potentially opposition of sufficient capability. The founders were convinced that the people of the 13 commonwealths should possess and hold that capability.
Thomas Jefferson - One of the world's greatest defenders of liberty.
Thomas Jefferson
  • No, the 2nd Amendment isn't just about hunting game.
  • No, it isn't just about protecting your home and family.
   It's about protecting your nation from thugs taking over and oppressing all your other liberties.
In fact, Thomas Jefferson went on to say;
   Piers Morgan and other lefties would be the first to heckle anyone who argues Jefferson's logic, today.
   In the past century, the U.S.A. has liberated many nations from thugs. Those thugs took power because they were the only ones with any meaningful firepower. The people were helpless and enslaved by tyranny. Are we going to just hope that some foreign power is waiting off-shore to liberate us when our need arises?
  There are 2 ditches that we need to avoid in our patriotic trek. Some nations get bogged down in perpetual civil war. They never get to live out the liberties they fight for because they become just as intolerant as the thugs they replaced.
But the other ditch is too much tolerance of people who have no respect for individual liberty.

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