Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Oklahoma's Delegation Supports Healthcare Reform From Freedom Caucus

  The Freedom Caucus refused to give up. First they dragged the Trump Administration back to the table. Then they teamed up with Trump to drag the House Leadership back to the table.

  Now they are dragging the entire House Republican Caucus back to a central pledge of the Republican Platform; namely, to repeal ObamaCare on Day One.
 I just got off the phone with Bridenstine's Washington office. Sheryl Kaufman (his press secretary) said Bridenstine supports this latest bill as a first step toward a complete overhaul. She assured us that Congressman Bridenstine is not only supporting the bill, but congratulating his associates in the Freedom Caucus for their leadership in reviving the legislative effort.

It appears that House moderate Republicans are squirming about their campaign pledges and the current status of the head count is too close to call.

  But a vote will likely come this week. Oklahoma's three congressmen who serve on Paul Ryan's leadership team are signaling their support and effort to 'whip' the vote. 


from Sooner - Editorial

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