Friday, May 20, 2016

Democrats Activate 'Stonewall' Strategy & Assist Tea Party Republicans

Democrat, Donnie Condit & Republican Paul Wesseelhoft

​  The most consistent and disciplined caucus at the capitol this week is the House Democrat caucus. These 30 Representatives are refusing to vote for any cost-saving or revenue generating legislation until Oklahoma adopts ObamaCare.

  The Medicaid Expansion which Obama is pressuring and cajoling states to underwrite, will eventually cost each state hundreds of millions to adopt.

  This makes the Democrats a very unlikely ally of Tea Party Republicans who insist on cutting state spending instead of raising new taxes.

  Rep. Donnie Condit (D-McAlester) & Rep. Paul Wesselhoft (R-Moore) have a great partnership in leading the Elections & Ethics Committee. But they also share very identical voting records, this week. 

  And it's not because they see the issues in the same way, but because of the Democrats 'stonewall' strategy, they do both want to hold up new taxes in the current scenario.
Minority Leader, Rep. Scott Inman leads the House Democrat ranks

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