Sunday, March 30, 2014

4 Serious Questions About Tulsa County Govt.

A hard look at Tulsa County Government

  Why does the Tulsa County Government want to be the solution to problems they don't own?

If cities see a municipal need, shouldn't they go to their own voters? 

  Shouldn't cities keep control of their own projects?
Vision 2025 was almost completely a collection of capital projects for  individual cities. Is the county supposed to become the hired fundraiser for cities who want a civic center?

  Why are the county commissioners so silent about the abuse and failure of the state government?

  When the state closes mental hospitals, why does the jail become the only solution?

  And when the state refuses to take inmates who've violated state law, why should the counties have the cost of caring for them?

Why should the counties build the prison housing for the state?

  Not one public Tulsa county statement about lack of state mental health deficits have been recorded in recent history. Does Tulsa county really care about what it's costing us in jail funding? Or do the commissioners see it as an opportunity to further grow the size of the county bureaucracy?

  Why does the county want to raise money for the cities, instead of letting cities hold their own bond elections?

  Isn't this a case of city failure? Does our city govt. lack the courage to ask the voters for approval? And doesn't the city risk their autonomy by having to submit to more bureaucracy in order to get their own money back?

  When a local shop owner leases a space for his business, the lease specifies the terms. Not many landlords offer to remodel retail space for the local merchant.  This is another case of big businesses like AA buying favor with politicians while "mom & pops" businesses pay all the bills.

  Why do the commissioners want to put the county further in debt until 2029?
  Reports say the 1995 County jail is still not paid off. And now they want to put a 2nd mortgage on the county's tax burdon?
  The commissioners still haven't answered how the excess moneys from vision 2025 will be dispersed. 
  This bond election is not about jail needs as much as it is about big appetites for money which the county commissioners get to play with and buy more influence.

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